Glad to see your interest in Chitra’s Pickles. I am Chitra and this is my family run pickle shop, based in London. I hail from Tanjore, Southern India. Having been intrigued by spices and the resulting chemistry since a very tender age, I learnt the art by observing and guidance of many uncelebrated household master chefs. This endeavour is purely due to my Son and Daughter-in-law who stand by me, trust me and are more than amazed by my culinary skills. 


UK has always endeavoured and celebrated cuisines from over the world and one of the favourites being Indian food. I had to contribute towards this growing fondness with my favourite condiments, Indian pickles. Indian pickles add drama and excitement to the entire culinary experience. I have always been told by my friends and family that I have Midas touch when it comes to pickles. My passion and enthusiasm have always helped me to follow, remember and adapt these generation-old recipes.


Our goal at Chitra’s Pickles is to bring you homemade pickles, made from authentic spices and enriched oils, which elate your senses without compromising on health benefits. What makes our pickles so special is that we use authentic ingredients in making the pickles. We use 100% Sesame and Mustard oil which contain more antioxidants and nutrients over vegetable oil. 


Every Jar that we send you is an experience. Check our testimonials to hear from our delighted customers.