Frequently asked questions

How can I return my order?

You cannot return a fulfilled order. But, we will refund your money, if you do not enjoy it.

Can I ask for a special request or a recipe change?

Yes, please don't hesitate to contact us. We try to help our customers in anyway possible within a reason. If we think that we cannot fulfill your request we will be upfront with you and give you the reason.

Can I place the order now and choose to deliver it later in the future?

We try to dispatch all orders as soon as we can. But if you like us to post it say 10-15 days later, yes you can. But the website does not provide this feature. You can contact us or leave a note on the cart page.

I love Chitra's Pickles products, can I get my pickles at a regular interval in the way of subscription?

Yes, we would love to send our pickles at regular intervals. Please contact us to set this up with us.