Idli Podi Decoded

There have been a lot of questions on how to use the Idli Podi from a lot of our customers. Idli Podi is a powder which is made from variety of Lentils, Sesame, Red Chillies and hint of Asafoetida, Jaggery and Tamarind. Get the composition of the mixture right is crucial as you don't want it to be too spicy or sweet or just bland. You can get your Idli Podi delivered anywhere in UK just in a click of a button on When you do get the Podi you can use this video as reference to make perfect Podi Idlis. You don't have to smother Idlis with the Podi but the Idlis taste most delicious this way. This could easy top the under 15 minute meals list. Least effort and a totally tasty dish you can enjoy during winters.

Here is a video on how to eat Idli Podi the right way!

Ive used Sesame Oil as its loaded with goodness and is the perfect oil for mixing with Idli Podi.


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