Our homemade Indian Chilli Garlic pickle is finger-licking good. You just can't stop yourself from eating. It's cooked and marinated to perfection.

You can add it to Glucamole, Sandwich, Naan bread, Rice dishes and give them extra umph.

We make all our pickles fresh just before they get delivered, so we don't need to add any preservatives or artificial colouring. Our ingredients are authentic and simple that gives great flavouring.


Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly



Ingredients - For every 165g

Red Chillies 5%

Garlic 57 %

Sesame Oil 17%

Table Salt 3%

Mustard Seeds 1%

Tamarind 1%

Turmeric  1%

Asafoetida 1%

Fenugreek  1%

Chana Dal 1%

Tur Dal 2%

Jaggery 5%

Ginger 1%


Allergens in Bold

Use it before 3 months from the date of delivery. Refrigerate.

Chilli Garlic 🌶🌶

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165 Grams