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Delicious stuffed Red and Green Chilli Pickle, with delicate notes of assorted spices.

This is a perfect accomplishment for Paranthas, Naans and any kind of bread. Its full of flavour and very aromatic.

Pickles have been marinated over 2 weeks to taste just right. 


Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians


Every 165 gms includes

Red Chillies 60%

Mustard Oil 19%

Fennel 5%

Mustard 5%

Salt 2%

Fenugreek 1%

Onion Seed 2%

Raw mango Powder 2%

Apple Cider Vinegar 2%

Red Chilli 1%


Allergens in Bold

Consume within 3 months from date of delivery. Refrigerate 


Stuffed Chilly 🌶🌶

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